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Empowering  Women  to  Lift  4Ever

Reduce waist line with broader shoulders

Burn more calories with back and chest exercises

Feel happier releasing more endorphins 

Lift more without pushing harder - just smarter! 
Emily's text...

"So I just used the IsoBelts just to see what the lat row would feel like and I'm blown away! 

I usually workout max at 70 lbs. and I just did 85 and probably could have easily gone up even more and my back for sure got a great workout just with a few reps. Like it only works out those muscles you want to workout and I feel like takes away the risk of injuring other muscles from straining. Like for instance I feel like sometimes I strain my neck muscles when I'm trying to push myself but with the isobelts my neck wasn't even strained in the least bit!"