"The IsoBelts produce great isolation, reduced wear and tear, less stress on joints, better recruitment of muscle fibers, increase range of motion on both concentric and eccentric phase movements." 

Ben (semi-pro bodybuilder)


"The belts are a must use tool for every bodybuilding enthusiast. With the belts, I am able to isolate my targeted muscles with each repetition. For each movement, I am able to get the full range of motion without exhausting my accessory muscles. On a mechanical level, it is a good tool to supplement a work out. When combined with sensors, the belts becomes a must have tool to build your work out around. Quantifying my workout data, I am able to efficiently track my progress over time. I can tailor my workouts and develop programs to improve my acceleration, time under tension and distance moved. It is a promising product which will redefine weightlifting for most serious gym members in the near future." 

Michael (med student and bodybuilder)

ISObelts Origins

I developed the ISObelts after I realized that the more I trained the more pain I got. Lifting weights is fun when you don't have to buy wrist straps and elbow sleeves!!!!

ISObelts were perfected to eliminate joint stress and avoid generating cortisol and inflammation. When using ISObelts you create neurochemicals flow that makes you feel happier immediately (runner's high). ISObelts makes lifting fun again and sustainable forever!

I have been using the ISObelts for 6 years now. 

I have been pain free since day one. 

The ISOmethods helped me fix my chronic back and neck pain I had since I was 12 years old. NO MORE BACK PAIN! In addition, 

I never feel tired

I have more balanced energy than ever before! 

I can work out as many days as I can schedule, ranging from 5 to makes me feel happier. I can say, as proven by the three charts herein presented, that I am in the best shape of my life...ever!"

Now I want to share the ISObelts, ISOmethods and app to help you and the world get fit, healthier and happier

Sergio, BSEE, author, speaker, owner of seven IP, measured IQ>160*

*Einstein's IQ is estimated to be at 160. "...I stayed with problems longer" A. Einstein. Sergio spent 20 years working in the solution of two complex problems. One of them is this methodology for health & fitness, perfected over the last 6 years.